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  The world's most exclusive Designer "Yard" Sale.

Seriously, when I think of a “Yard Sale” what comes to mind is old dusty items which have been neglected by their owners, probably sitting in their attic or garage for years. Am I wrong?


Come discover exceptional pre-owned designer labels without the designer prices. Be a savvy buyer and keep on reading :)

The Concept

The traditional principles of a “Yard Sale” still apply with a little something extra - it's exclusive to luxury brands, let me explain:
I believe I speak on behalf of most women in the world when I say “Ladies love to shop” !
I know, I do.

I would go as far as saying that it’s therapeutic…with a plus side that you get to go home with something new and you feel good about yourself.

Then 6 months or 3 years later you realize:  I have only worn this item once, twice or never…the tag is still on that dress. Good as new.

Like the beautiful black Dolce dress I have hanging in my closet for the last 2 years or that pair of Loulou’s you got for your birthday and wore once, because they were really gorgeous but only half a size too small and you still got them.

....story of my life :)


What to Expect at the Event?



YardChic was created by a girl who knows that ladies always buy more than they need, like or got as present (which they never liked to begin with, sssshhhhh!!! that's our little secret)  Guess what? never worn that item.
No surprises there.

These items simply hang out at the back of your closet.
So dig them up ladies and get rid of them! Get something that's actually on your wish list :)

Where will the event be?  

 In one of London's trendy hotel. Details will follow.


When will the event be?

Date to be confirmed. Simply sign up to stay informed.


How is work?

Decide whether you want to be our guest or an exhibitor:

- If would like to join us as a guest, claim your Free Pass below.
- If you are looking to be an exhibitor (Great!), dig up the fashion items you want to sell them, make a few bucks and shop. Confession of a shopaholics.. Yes I am talking about myself.

Participation fee: £90

Want to Join us?