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Seriously, when I think of a yardsale, I think old dusty items which have being neglected by their owners, probably sitting in their attic or garage for years. Am I wrong?
The answer is ‘no’.


The Concept:
The traditional principle of a yardsale apply with a little something extra, let me explain:

 I believe I speak on behalf of most women in the world when I say “ladies love to shop”
I Know I do, I would go as far as saying that it’s therapeutic, with a plus side that you get to go home with something new and you feel good about yourself.

One day, 6 months or 3 years later you realise I have only worn this item a once, twice or never, the tag is still on that dress. Good as new, like beautiful black Dolce dress I have hanging in my closet for the last 2 years or
that pair of loulou’s you got for your birthday and wore once because they were really gorgeous
but they were half a size too small and you still got them..

....story of my life :)

How Does work?