Trend Report: Full Disclosure Bag



If we are in full disclosure, then let it be said - plastic is fantastic!

Its the hottest trend this spring. This spring calls for complete transparency. clear out your bags ladies, DISCRETION is out, as the nothing to hide bag makes its claim. 

Chanel introduced with the label’s the Resort 14 collection, the clear, plexiglass bag takes its design cues from the label’s most iconic fragrance bottle. “I never thought to use the No.5 bottle for handbags,” explained designer Karl Lagerfeld to “I think it’s cute.”

From Chanel's fancy see through plastic totes to Staud's all season's bag designed by Sarah Staudinger, former fashion director at Reformation. Staud's latest handbag is "The Shirley tote" which is basically a bag within a bag. You can take out the inner pouch and use it as a clutch from time to time — it makes day to night bag switches so easy." 

Staud Shirley Bag Clear / Tan Faux Croc, $210.00, available at Staud.

Dsquared colourful totes. Transparent vinyl tote in blue, yellow or red. Twin rubber carry handles in black. $280 CAD, available at

Chanel the clear, plexiglass No5 bottle bag, £9000, available at

Chanel The Iridescent Crossbody. Chanel's been doing transparent crossbodys for some time now, but its holographic iterations for spring/summer 2018 threw everyone for an exciting loop. £2250, Available at

Céline plastic bag, $590,

Mango Vinyl Shopper Bag, $39.99, available at Mango.