Mr Joel Interview

Qui est Mr Joel? 

For those of who don't speak the language of Molière, it means who's this uber polished
gent called Mr Joel...Here is goes

Joel is from a country where the quality of life is everything.
Imagine eating salted cod and grilled sardines while the sun shines pretty much all year round. The average temperature in December is 15C! I am of course talking about Portugal. However Joel didn't seek the sun... oddly enough he wanted rain but most of all, he wanted London and London he got. The boy from no agenda became the gent on everyone's agenda. 
Today, Joel runs his influencer agency connecting brands and influencers creating unique campaigns.


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Tell us about yourself growing up?
I believe fashion was always a part of me. Monaco and its style icons certainly have a say in my particular vision of fashion. For example, until the age of 13, I never wore jeans, I wore dresses, skirts, and pantaloons because that's what little girls wore - as my mother used to say. As a child, people always commented on my style, they would often ask where my clothes were from and even from a young age family members and parents of my friends would comment on my dress sense and outfit choices. My mentor, who happens to be my aunt, always told me this famous quote by Christian Dior, which said: Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care, and simplicity - the most important of all is care. Care in choosing your clothes. Care of wearing them. Care in keeping them. Care is a big part of how I see and understand fashion. 


What is your favorite fashion brand?
Today it’s hard to narrow it down to a single brand, as we have so many new and talented designers. It would be impossible to pick just one. Today’s fashion attitude is about mixing and matching luxury wear and high street items. A mixed outfit, if you like.


Do you choose comfort over fashion? 
The better question is What is fashion about? You can be comfortable in clothing, but fashion is fashion, which comes with a set of intangible values. For a piece to be called fashion is must have but isn’t limited to these following facts:

-  It makes a strong aesthetic statement

-  It has a theatrical element

-  It has meaning, therefore its creates a trend (which in turn, brings me to my next point)

-  Generates money (Please don’t roll your eyes, yes fashion is about Money.) Let’s be honest, fashion is about seasons and trends, therefore in constant need for novelty, keeping consumers spending their cash on the latest trends. In terms of choosing, there is no choice: If we use the above 4 criteria to assume they constitute what makes for an item to be fashion and not just clothing, then it becomes clear as day that the word ‘comfort’ will never be fashion. YUK! No fashionista in their right mind would want ‘comfort’ over fashion. Think about high heels, corsets, underwear particularly a bra, tight around your chest, keeping all your bits together and pushed up!  Comfort is a word one should use when referring to their mattress or how comfortable they slept. Some ladies are going to want to counter this claim.  Therefore imagine this situation: two girlfriends are going for lunch. One is wearing a flowie chiffon over the dress with 10cms heels and the other is wearing an ‘altheisure’ outfit which consists of a matching pair of leggings and crop top. Guess who’s going to be eating a burger and fries and who’s will be having a smoothie and salad. Drum roll… ‘altheisure’ babe will be eating the salad, though she might be way from comfy than the babe in heels, she cannot be walking around town with a bloated belly after scarfing down that burger. But in the name of fashion, isn’t it all worth it? 


Last thing you watched on TV?
I love watching TV series, more so than movies lately. 
Currently watching: Shooter and House of Cards on Netflix’s.


What positive or negative impact has social media had on your career so far?
All positive, I love my work, I meet amazing individuals, all so creative, my niche is luxury brands, I scout the internet, magazines and the different countries I travel to, to find up and coming luxury homes of tomorrow. I love to hear their stories, how they started with a dream and built a brand from scratch. I am amazed by their relentless work. In December of 2016, I launched Fashion Pulp events, which focuses on putting under the spotlight the next big fashion homes, hosted in one of London’s top restaurants: Quattro Passi on Dover street, sponsored by Juliet Vodka. Over 270 people showed up, from royals, fashion editors to friends, everywhere was there, it was truly a special night for me and a total success. I can’t wait for this next one which will have womenswear and menswear this time


What cosmetic product can you not live without?
Lately, it’s been my thameen products. The moment I encountered Thameen, a British niche luxury brand that's exclusive to Selfridges, I fell in love with their products. Their fragrances are inspired by the world’s most enchanting jewels and the tales behind them. Their scents are elegant, original and contemporary and made with the most exquisite ingredients, guaranteed to delight those around you. And their bright blue bottles are eye catchers. One of my personal favourites is The Hope, a decadent scent that opens with the warm radiance of cinnamon bark, myrrh and cloves. Then there’s a woody shimmer of cedar and oud wood, followed by a base of black amber, musk and vetiver. 
For me, it symbolises pure glamour and sophistication. Their latest addition is The Cora, and I adore that one - it’s the perfect perfume for summer nights. It’s elegantly flowery, with white jasmine, magnolia, roses and honeyed wisteria on top, followed by a sensual touch of golden amber, patchouli and white musk. I like to spray perfume in my hair, but most perfumes dry your hair out. Thameen developed a line of hair fragrances that are enriched with keratin, vitamins and argan oil - it makes it the ideal travel companion; it makes your hair smell and look beautiful, increasing its gloss and elasticity. The ‘Amber Room’ Hair should be product of the year.


How would you describe your style? 
It's hard to say who my first style Icon was as growing up in Monaco, I was surrounded by so many. My love affair with fashion started at a very young age and was driven by many of what are considered Hollywood icons like our very own Princess Grace Kelly. People like Edie Sedgwick, who was the well known muse of Andy Warhol. Tiggy who overnight became the face of the 60s. Jackie Onassis who was a regular on the shores of Monaco. Audrey Hepburn the champion of chic Capri pants and ballet pumps. I closely observed the style of all those gorgeous ladies to build my very own.


What is your favourite fashion accessory?
Sunglasses, I have gotten so many this year, its become a little ridiculous, I made it a point to have some really authentic ones. Most of my Favorite brands: Gentle MonsterDita and Kopajos


Favourite holiday destination? 
Away from the busy city life. Doesn’t matter if it’s sunbathing in the Maldives or trekking on Europe's largest glacier in Iceland. The less people I see, the more I relax. I love that feeling, being somewhere ‘remote’, I find comfort in that thought. If possible with limited cell phone connection, so I can truly re-energise and focus on myself and on the people around me. 


Do you have any guilty pleasures? 
Carbs are my soulmate from pastries, pizza or cookies. The list is endless. 


One piece black swimsuit from White Fox. 
(Black one is currently out of stock)
T-shirt from Lulu's
Rose Gold Bangle by Martin Katz


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