I came. I saw. I loved: Los Angeles


1# I never had more tacos, guac and skinny spicy margarita's in my life....EVER, that's because its seriously yummy. 

2# There are as many pet stores as there are clothing stores in LA.

3# If there was one place in the world to become a Vegan, Los Angeles would be the place. Combine Pet and clothing stores together, times it by two and you have number of vegan restaurants in LA. When in LA, be a vegan, it gets you places. (jokes)

4# The Uber drivers: When you order an Uber, the estimate time of arrival is always incorrect, it says the car is arriving in 2mins.... nonsense.....the minutes actually increase the closer the car gets... I just can't explain it... its SO annoying.....You know this is true if you have take an Uber ride in City of the Angels.


5# I discovered the true power of the yelp app. The force is strong with it. Seriously Handy.

6# Loved getting sh*t faced with my oldest friend Jade.
We go way back, Known her since I am 7 years. 

7# I found the best beauty/tanning salon called Portofino in Beverly hills. 

8# I had the pleasure of shooting with Martin Katz's Jewellery

9# I trained at Barry's Bootcamp West Hollywood. Tried & Tested, its Awesome. 1000 calories an hour. BOOM.
Post workout healthy option at Kreation - Juices, high protein snacks and deliciously salads. Check it out.

10# Hanging out at the SLS pool with Super babe Hofit Golan

11# Everyone looks fabulous, walking around with sun kissed skin but then again, nobody 'really' works in LA. Its all about those afternoon long lunches,  bottomless mimosas ....... erm NO, because that would be very vegan.

12# Everyone tells you 'Yes' but really they mean 'No' especially if its work related. lol. 

13# Rode in a 1977 ford truck, called the Beast. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

14# Went to a hockey play-off game, The Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.

15# My Fav store Planet Blue, I want to own everything they have :) Bunch of super cool brands, I everything I tried on in their is designed to make a girl feel and look amazing :) Can't go wrong with that.

16# Best blow dry in town is at Dry Bar for $45 total. No Cuts or No color.
Love their salon and their hair products. Dry Bar knows Good Hair.

17# There is a new italian player in town: Nerano Restaurant, toscan specialities served on white table clothes, its Upscale and the ladies love it. Don't order from the menu, ask the waiter to make a selection for you :)

18# 'and she lived happily ever after' moment, when all your little girl dreams come true and you realise CupcakeATMs exist in LA. Courtesy of Oprah. 
Never broke when headed to that ATM ;) Might be the only time your bank account is telling to go for it.....but not your bum (haha!) Check out Sprinkles.

19# A hike in Runyon Canyon is a must. Sweat those cupcakes!!!!

20# The city of the angels is always good idea :)

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