Namast'ay In Bed

Blogger caught in the moment, I am about to take a serious bite out of this pierre hermes macaroon. 
Maureen says you are next :) 
Peek-a-Boo, who needs fashion? 

Easter has been an excuse to eat absolutely everything... its been a 4 day of constant binge, I feel like I have had one big meal since friday! I couldn't resist my favorite macaroons by Pierre Herme, those mini chic cakes are put together with a pair of smooth almond meringues sandwiching a rich ganache, mmmmm yummy!!!!
Herme macaroons set themselves apart thanks to their wacky flavours like ispahan (rose, raspberry and lychee)
and magnifique (wasabi with grapefruit).


I thought this photo shoot use reflect exactly what I was doing, which was hanging out at home in my T-shirt which ironically says
"I don't need fashion, fashion needs me" and my beanie from H&M which I absolutely adore, love the little green alien heads on the baby pink background. its now impossible to get it in store, your best bet is on eBay. The pink flower headband was also from H&M.


Around the House:
Bed linen by The white Company
Stuffed Toys "Bunnies" by Jelly Cat
Silk Decoration pillows Purple and Red by Peter Jones