Postcard From St Barths

French charm found it's way to the Caribbean and we now know it as St Barths. This volcanic rock is home to an eclectic community of iguanas, stunning beaches and the rich and famous where they host lavish parties during the winter months.

OPTION #1: 9 Minute flight from St Maarten to St Barths aboard an Islander plane with Winward Express

OPTION #2: TradeWind Aviation Flights from San Juan to St Barths with the one and only tuboprop jet, a Pilatus PC12,  which can land in St Barths. This is a little pricier but well worth if you want to treat yourself and arrive in style.

Best part is the landing in St Barths :) We shall say no more

Staying in a Villa is really how St Barths should be done. Giving you the luxury of hosting a party for ten or for two in a sumptuous setting. We stayed at Villa Imagine (Photos above). 

Our favorite hotel is none other than Le Toiny. The 15 pastel-colored bungalows, called Villa Suites, are set on a gentle slope overlooking the Bay of Toiny, about 15mins drive from Gustavia. Each Villa is entirely private and indepedent with its own private pool.

LUNCH: Eden Rock's Beach side restaurant & LVMH's latest boutique Hotel Cheval Blanc
BRUNCH: La Plage at the Tom Beach Hotel. Great for day parties.
DINNER: Bonito with panoramic view of the Gustavia & L'Isola for more. Click here 'Night out at Isola'

A MUST - Carole's Ti St Barths, Lively place with dark red interior and dim lights, almost feels like you are in Carole's house having a party. Be sure not to miss the dressing room which has hundreds of different costumes and wigs. Everyone gets dressed up for a laugh. What a place.

Bagatelle, always pumping however we feel like the crowd is a bit young.


Gustavia has everything. It is essentially a town for meeting up and getting together after the beach, for a stroll, shopping and to enjoy an aperitif on the terrace of a bar like Le Bar de L'oubi (with the ironic name.. The bar of Forgetfully) bang in the center of town.